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Statue of Liberty, New York, USA

Restaurants near Statue of Liberty

Restaurants NameRvwAddressPhoneFBIG
DJs Breakfast Spot522 Stone St, New York, NY 10004   
NEW YORK BEST HALAL FOOD4.895 Wall St, New York, NY 10005   
Brooklyn Beef  Cheese4.770 Pine St, New York, NY 1027019172614530 IG
Lox Cafe4.736 Battery Pl, New York, NY 1028016464374231FBIG
sam a.m.4.6112 Morris St, Jersey City, NJ 07302   
La Parisienne4.69 Maiden Ln, New York, NY 1003816467564911FBIG
Crown Shy4.670 Pine Street Ground Floor, New York, NY 1000512125171932FBIG
Crown Shy4.670 Pine Street Ground Floor, New York, NY 1000512125171932FBIG
O Haras Restaurant and Pub4.6120 Cedar St, New York, NY 1000612122673032FB 
FARIDA – Central Asian Cuisine & Grill4.532 Cedar St, New York, NY 1000516466503272  
Fraunces Tavern4.554 Pearl St, New York, NY 1000412129681776FBIG
Harrys4.51 Hanover Square, New York, NY 1000412127859200FBIG
Josephs Restaurant4.53 Hanover Square, New York, NY 1000412127471300FBIG
White Horse Tavern – Financial District4.525 Bridge St, New York, NY 1000412126689046FBIG
Stage Door Pizzeria4.526 Vesey St 2nd Floor, New York, NY 1000712125666222 IG
Underground Pizza4.53 Hanover Square #2615, New York, NY 1000412124254442  
Cafe 114.5Lobby, 11 Broadway, New York, NY 1000412124252233  
NAYA – Brookfield Place4.5225 Liberty St, New York, NY 10281 FBIG
Delmonicos4.556 Beaver St, New York, NY 10004 FBIG
Luzzos La Pizza Napoletana & Bakery4.540 Wall St, New York, NY 10005   
Tacombi4.474 Broad St, New York, NY 10004  IG
Schilling Restaurant & Bar4.4109 Washington St, New York, NY 10006FBIG
Gansevoort Liberty Market4.4101 Liberty St, New York, NY 10007 FBIG
The Irish American Pub4.417 John St, New York, NY 1003816464146223FBIG
L Appart4.4225 Liberty St, New York, NY 1028112129818577FBIG
Xi an Famous Foods4.48 Liberty Pl, New York, NY 1003812127862068FBIG
Liberty House Wedding & Event Venue4.476 Audrey Zapp Dr, Jersey City, NJ 0730512013950300FBIG
Porto Leggero4.4185 Hudson St, Jersey City, NJ 07311 FBIG
Tartinery Cafe – Bar | Hudson Eats4.4225 Liberty St, New York, NY 10281 FBIG
West Bank Gourmet Deli4.421 West St, New York, NY 10004   
Mortons The Steakhouse4.4136 Washington St, New York, NY 10006FBIG
NAYA – FiDi4.41 New York Plaza, 1 FDR Dr, New York, NY 10004FBIG
El Toro mexican grill4.469 New St, New York, NY 10004 FB 
Trinity Place4.4115 Broadway, New York, NY 10006  IG
Inatteso Pizzabar4.428 West St, New York, NY 10004 FBIG
Amelias Bistro4.3187 Warren St, Jersey City, NJ 07302 FBIG
Toro Loco4.315 Stone St, New York, NY 1000419172620444FBIG
The Malt House4.39 Maiden Ln, New York, NY 1003816466827577FBIG
Le District4.3225 Liberty St, New York, NY 1028112129818588FBIG
Americas finest deli4.346 Trinity Pl, New York, NY 1000612125090930  
P.J. Clarkes On The Hudson4.3250 Vesey St, New York, NY 1028112122851500FBIG
Georges4.389 Greenwich St, New York, NY 1000612122698026  
Inatteso Cafe4.338 Little W St, New York, NY 1000412122677000FBIG
All American Deli4.342 Water St, New York, NY 10004 FBIG
Mezze on the River4.3375 South End Ave, New York, NY 10280FBIG
PIZZA ETALIA4.320 Beaver St, New York, NY 10004 FBIG
Eataly NYC Downtown4.3101 Liberty St, New York, NY 10007   
Felina Steak at Hudson House4.22 Chapel Ave Unit 2, Jersey City, NJ 0730515512770588FBIG
La Marchande4.288 Wall St, New York, NY 1000512128372089FBIG
Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar at Hudson Eats4.2225 Liberty St, New York, NY 1028112127860808  
Flavors Cafe4.227 Whitehall St, New York, NY 1000412122696100FBIG
Bills Bar & Burger4.285 West St, New York, NY 10006 FBIG
Firenze Ristorante Toscano & Bar4.2101 Liberty St 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10007  
Subway4.128 Water St, New York, NY 10004 FBIG
Battery Gardens4.11 Battery Pl, New York, NY 10004 FBIG
Springbone Kitchen4.1225 Liberty St, New York, NY 1008016464540580FB 
Dos Toros Taqueria4.1200 Vesey St, New York, NY 1028113472189518FBIG
Route 66 Smokehouse4.146 Stone St, New York, NY 1000412129431602FBIG
Le Pain Quotidien4.185 Broad St, New York, NY 1000412126711620FBIG
Statue of Liberty Crown Cafe4.1Liberty Island, Manhattan, NY 1000412123633180 IG
Rockwells4.1105 Broad St, New York, NY 1000412123633030  
Antica Ristorante4.18 Stone St, New York, NY 10004 FBIG
Atrio Wine Bar & Restaurant4.1102 North End Ave, New York, NY 10282FBIG
Parm Battery Park City4250 Vesey St, New York, NY 10080 FBIG
DIG4225 Liberty St, New York, NY 10281 FBIG
The View at The Battery41 Battery Pl, New York, NY 10004 FBIG
Skinos4123 Washington St, New York, NY 1000616467200060FBIG
Le Pain Quotidien4395 South End Ave, New York, NY 1028016466188930FBIG
Chipotle Mexican Grill42 Broadway Frnt 4, New York, NY 1000412123440941FBIG
Vu42 Exchange Pl, Jersey City, NJ 0730212014694650  
Maddy Rose Restaurant at Liberty House476 Audrey Zapp Dr Floor 1, Jersey City, NJ 0730512013950300FBIG
St. George Tavern3.9103 Washington St, New York, NY 10006  
Chipotle Mexican Grill3.91 New York Plz, New York, NY 1000416468823252FBIG
Liberty Bistro3.9225 Liberty St, New York, NY 1028112129818588FBIG
Subway3.811 Broadway Unit #155, New York, NY 10004FBIG
Olives3.8225 Liberty St, New York, NY 1028112128580111  
Liggett Terrace Food Court3.8Liggett Terrace, 517 Clayton Rd, New York, NY 10004FBIG
Chopt3.7225 Liberty St, New York, NY 1028116467620054FBIG
Pronto Pizza3.7114 Liberty St, New York, NY 10006   
Il Pesce3.7101 Liberty St, New York, NY 10006   
Little Evas Beer Garden and Grill3.6Governor’s Island, Governors Is, Manhattan, NY 1000419173279816FBIG
Wendys3.34 South St #202, New York, NY 1000412122209989FBIG
Ani Ramen House3.1225 Liberty St #248, New York, NY 10281FBIG
Central Market New York3Whitehall Terminal/ Upper Level, 4 South St, New York, NY 1000412125145220FBIG
Ellis Island Cafe2.7Ellis Island, New York, NY 10004   

Halal restaurants near Statue of Liberty

Restaurants NameAddressPhoneRvw
Sharifs FamousW 31st St &, Broadway, New York, NY 10001, United States134784512064.9
Halal Stop185 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States164641506834.8
Alnoor Halal Deli710 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232, United States171878870804.8
Kebab Express | Halal Grill235 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014, United States164642278024.7
Halal Munchies82 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States134798734954.7
Indian Tasty Halal Food6 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036, United States191734571644.6
Liberty Eatery64 Sip Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306, United States120196370314.6
No pork halal kitchen50 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States171887598884.5
B&D Halal Food263 W 30th St #3, New York, NY 10001, United States121226876024.4
Royal Grill Halal Food44TH St And, 6th Ave, New York, NY 10018, United States134772405044.3
The Halal Guys6th Avenue &, W 53rd St, New York, 10019, United States134752715054.3
Gigi Halal Food1 Sussex St, Jersey City, NJ 07302, United States186237149674.2
The Halal Guys307 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003, United States134737844174.2
Sikders Halal Food8900 Van Wyck Expy, Queens, NY 11418, United States192924554954.2
Sammys halal109 W 39th St, New York, NY 10018, United States191742025064.1
Brooklyn Halal Grill1148 Liberty Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11208, United States171823559204.1
Sammys Halal Food6th Ave &, West 4th Street, New York, NY 10011, United States4.1
The Halal Guys720 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025, United States134737844654.1
Sammys Halal919 Montgomery St, Jersey City, NJ 07306, United States120198406164.1
Sammys Halal109 1st Ave., New York, NY 10003, United States191796520094
Sammys Halal Food73rd St And, Broadway, NY 11372, United States192982269743.9
Ocean Halal Pizza415 Ocean Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07305, United States120130901003.7
The Halal Paradise561 Pacific St, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States134768283363.6
Halal Station789 Newark Ave Store #3, Jersey City, NJ 07306, United States120187632803.6
Hacks Halal10725 Liberty Ave, Queens, NY 11417, United States171867464183.5
NY Halal Gyro (Les)201 Allen St, New York, NY 10002, United States164647023433.5
Sammys Halal Food123 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States192999910002.7

Coffee shops near The Statue of Liberty

Coffee Shops NamePhoneRvw
The House of Machines164698843834.9
MCM coffee164686642194.9
Voyager Espresso121222727444.8
787 Coffee191744411964.8
The Grind Shop120154783774.8
Wolf forest cafe191796529054.8
Cafe Lafayette181483033334.8
Dreamers Coffee House171826950964.7
Interlude Coffee & Tea121221920674.7
drip coffee makers191770467424.7
Manon Cafe Leonidas121276661004.7
Birch Coffee121268614444.7
Dream Vista Cafe/Shop/Event120127268474.7
Coffee Project New York | East Village121222878884.7
Joe Coffee Company121292474004.7
La Cabra Bakery 4.7
Lox Cafe164643742314.7
Blank Street Coffee 4.6
Cafe Atelier164639878074.6
Merriweather Coffee + Kitchen164667856784.6
Now or Never Coffee134755683124.6
sam a.m.120143222334.6
Five & Dime Coffee & Cocktails 4.6
Hungry Ghost Coffee 4.6
La Parisienne164675649114.6
Oliver Coffee 4.6
Pi Bakerie191799164244.6
Yours Truly Coffee191738826414.6
Cafe Patoro191726200314.6
Dragon Tea164647877874.6
Red Hook Coffee Shop184523660424.6
Blue Spoon Coffee Company121280988804.5
Do Not Feed Alligators 4.5
About Coffee 4.5
Black Fox Coffee191774201334.5
La Colombe Coffee Roasters121222004154.5
Ten Thousand Coffee164658967734.5
Coffee Project New York | Fort Greene158588831534.5
Dunkin 4.5
Kaigo Coffee Room164650453534.4
Birch Coffee121268614444.4
Cafe Grumpy – Financial District164683893064.4
Flowers Cafe – Kaiser Richter Inc.121239006304.4
Hole In The Wall121260299914.4
La Colombe Coffee Roasters121234315154.4
Split Eights164679995754.4
Tartinery Cafe – Bar | Hudson Eats164675584844.4
Blue Bottle Coffee151066135104.4
Birch Coffee121268614444.4
Westside Coffee Shop 2121233401854.4
Bean & Bean Wall St121242280834.4
The Lost Draft164652460214.3
Two Hands164659027874.3
Variety Coffee Roasters121226702074.3
Inatteso Cafe121226770004.3
Kodawari Coffee 4.3
One Two Cup Cafe120172155444.3
Think Coffee 4.3
WFM Coffee Bar121234965554.3
Blue Bottle Coffee151066135104.3
Ground Support Cafe121221987224.3
Kaffe Landskap NYC (South)121269337504.3
Matto Espresso 4.3
Zaruma Gold Coffee155123217144.3
Blank Street Coffee 4.2
Blue Spoon Coffee Company121261972304.2
Matto Espresso134788280004.2
Gregorys Coffee187720987674.2
Starbucks Reserve164661853924.2
Third Rail Coffee164658012404.2
Blue Bottle Coffee151066135104.2
Bluestone Lane DUMBO Café171837468584.2
Joe Coffee Company 4.2
Trinity Café121260208004.2
Cobble Hill Coffee Shop171885211624.2
Statue of Liberty Museum Shop121236331804.2
Pret A Manger121260875014.2
Pret A Manger121234401764.2
T Café164686860004.2
Blank Street Coffee 4.1
Brewshot – Liberty Harbor120151617774.1
Gregorys Coffee187720664084.1
Gregorys Coffee187720663064.1
Statue of Liberty Crown Cafe121236331804.1
Bluestone Lane Tribeca Café171837468584.1
Claudias Coffee Shop121234452154.1
Gregorys Coffee187720645924
Jacks Stir Brew Coffee121251966004
PrkUp Coffee 4
Bluestone Lane Battery Park Café171837468584
Irving Farm New York121220607074
Pret A Manger121222731084
Blank Street Coffee 3.9
Bluestone Lane Jersey City Coffee Shop171837468583.9
Jacks Stir Brew Coffee121257117003.9
For Five Coffee134799614723.7
JOE & THE JUICE164674186403.7
JOE & THE JUICE164674186403.7
Think Coffee 3.7
Ellis Island Cafe 2.7
Joe Coffee Company 2.4
Pret A Manger121269337001.1
Stir Cafe121242551221
Ateaz Cafe12125358333 

Top 10 restaurants near Statue of Liberty

Finding the “top” restaurants near the Statue of Liberty can be a bit challenging, as the immediate area around the statue is primarily parkland and tourist attractions rather than dining destinations. However, you can find dining options in nearby neighborhoods like Battery Park City and Financial District. Here’s a list of ten restaurants near the Statue of Liberty, offering a variety of cuisines and dining experiences:

  1. Blue Smoke – Battery Park City: Known for its delicious barbecue dishes and Southern-inspired cuisine, Blue Smoke offers a relaxed atmosphere and scenic views of the Hudson River.
  2. Pier A Harbor House – Battery Park City: Located right on the waterfront, Pier A Harbor House offers seafood-focused menus in a historic building with stunning views of the Statue of Liberty.
  3. Merchants River House – Battery Park City: This casual American restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring burgers, salads, seafood, and more, with outdoor seating overlooking the Hudson River.
  4. El Vez – Battery Park City: A vibrant Mexican restaurant serving modern twists on classic dishes, El Vez offers a lively atmosphere and waterfront views.
  5. BlackTail – Battery Park City: Inspired by the Prohibition era, BlackTail is a stylish cocktail bar offering a creative menu of drinks and small plates in a speakeasy-style setting.
  6. Fraunces Tavern – Financial District: A historic tavern dating back to the 18th century, Fraunces Tavern offers traditional American fare and a selection of craft beers in a historic setting.
  7. The Capital Grille – Financial District: Known for its upscale steakhouse fare and extensive wine list, The Capital Grille offers elegant dining rooms and impeccable service.
  8. Eataly NYC Downtown – Financial District: A sprawling Italian marketplace offering a variety of dining options, including restaurants, cafes, and food counters serving pizza, pasta, seafood, and more.
  9. Stone Street Tavern – Financial District: Situated on the cobblestone streets of Stone Street, this lively tavern offers pub fare and a wide selection of craft beers in a historic setting.
  10. Adrienne’s Pizza Bar – Financial District: Known for its delicious thin-crust pizzas and casual atmosphere, Adrienne’s Pizza Bar is a popular spot for a quick bite or casual meal.

While these restaurants may not be directly adjacent to the Statue of Liberty, they are within a reasonable distance and offer a range of dining options for visitors exploring the area.